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About EDGE Decorating Services LTD

Painters, Carpenters and Window Care Specialists in Suffolk

EDGE Decorating Services LTD was founded in April 2013 by Lee Briggs. Lee has been working in the decorating industry for over a Decade. His wealth of experience enables us to provide expert painting and carpentry services regardless of the requirements of each client.

We are based in Ipswich and work with High-End clients throughout Suffolk who appreciate a quality finish. Our team is experienced in working on Commercial and Domestic properties. We have completed work for properties such as from public houses and terraced Victorian properties throughout Suffolk. Our company is trusted by a wide range of Suffolk clients including Homeowners, Private Business Owners, Architects, Interior Designers, Landlords and Estate Agents.


Apartment Complexes
1-5 Bedroom Homes


Guest Houses
Bed and Breakfasts
Public Houses

Our Decorating Specialities

  • Heritage - We are trained and experienced in restoring Historic Properties and Listed Buildings to their to former glory.

  • High Access Work - Our company is licensed to operate Powered Access Platforms and can perform exterior painting work on building up to 6 Storeys High.

  • Commercial Spray Painting - Our tradesmen are trained to use high-performance spray painting equipment to create a Smooth, Even Finish even at heights of 18 Metres above ground.

  • Window Care - We are window care specialists and are especially passionate about restoring Sash Windows at Heritage Properties.

  • Carpentry - EDGE Decorating Services LTD employs experienced carpenters who are able to complete bespoke woodwork projects and repairs at properties throughout Suffolk.

  • Wallcoverings - Tradesmen working with our company are trained to install both conventional Paper wallcoverings and speciality materials such as Vinyl and Silk.

Painting and Decorating Association (PDA)

Being members of the PDA means that you can trust us to complete work according to the highest standards of craftsmanship. All our tradesmen strictly adhere to the PDA guidelines.

Public Liability Insurance

Our company is fully insured. This means that in the unlikely event of our company declaring bankruptcy, you will not lose any money if we are not able to complete the job

Health and Safety Policy

All our staff are trained in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to excellence means that all our previous clients have been more than satisfied with the finished results and often recommend our service to others. Former clients also frequently hire us to complete work on their upcoming decorating projects.

High-Quality Materials - EDGE Decorating Services LTD only makes use of high-quality materials and trusted brands.

Clean and Tidy Contractors - All our tradesmen are trained to treat a client’s property with the utmost Respect. We always keep the area in which we are working Neat. We also Clear Any Debris when our work is complete.

On-Time Delivery - We implement an effective Time Management System which ensures that we always meet Deadlines set by our clients.

Top-of-the-Range Sanding Equipment

We only use the Festool Range of high-quality sanding equipment for all our decorating projects. This range of sanders provides powerful, versatile sanding and features built-in dust extractors. They allow our tradesmen to produce a Gleaming Finish on all work, Faster with Less Mess. Not only does this mean that we are able to keep our client’s properties Cleaner from start to finish, but removing and safely disposing of any dust helps to prevent any building waste from harming the natural Environment.

Specialised Sanding Equipment

  • Festool ETS EC 150/5 - This sander is used during the initial sanding phase when we remove most of the paint and varnish from the woodwork.
  • Festool DTS 400 EQ - We use this sander to get a perfectly smooth finish on angular surfaces, such as interior and exterior corners.
  • Festool Rotex RO 90 - When sanding in difficult to reach and narrow areas, such as corners, angles and crevices, is necessary, we use this small, versatile sander to complete the process.
  • Festool CTL MIDI 15 - During the sanding process, we always make sure to use this high-performance dust extractor, to minimise waste at your property.

12 Month Guarantee
If our work shows any Defects within a Year, we will Revisit your property and see to it that the proper Repairs are done. This follow-up service is offered at No Extra Charge to you.

Call Us on our Free Contact Number, 07577 861 526020, or Send an Email to info@edgedecoratingservices.co.uk, to Arrange a Complimentary Site Visit and No-Obligation Quote.

About Us

We are highly skilled painters, carpenters and window care specialists operating throughout Suffolk and Essex.With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide high-quality decorating services. Our specialities include renovating sash windows and restoring heritage properties.

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