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EDGE Decorating Services LTD

Commercial Property Decoration and Restoration in Suffolk

We are a highly reliable decorating company and have worked with Private Business Owners throughout Suffolk. Our commitment to Quality Craftsmanship and ability to do High Access Work has helped us to gain a reputation as one of the best commercial decorating companies in Suffolk. We provide an all-round, Interior and Exterior decorating service for businesses in our area. Our team completes everything including Wallpapering, Flooring, Carpentry, Painting and Plastering work.

Suffolk Heritage Property Restoration

Historical buildings need to be treated with great care and attention to detail. It is important to ensure that elements which can be Preserved are kept as much as they are, while still ensuring that the building is Safe for guests, customers and employees. EDGE Decorating Services LTD has the necessary skill and experience to renovate historic buildings with the unique craftsmanship required. Whether you are looking to fully revamp an old Public House or to convert your Victorian home into a Bed and Breakfast, we can provide tradesmen specialising in Heritage work as well as experienced contractors.

Modern Property Decoration

In the case of more recently constructed buildings, business owners often want to repaint and redecorate as part of their Regular Maintenance Routine. Sometimes the paint, plaster and wooden fittings become worn as the result of Weather Damage. It might also be that the both interior and exterior decoration have become damaged as a result of Inferior Workmanship on the part of previous tradesmen. Our team will ensure that all decor looks brand new and will last for many years. They will replace all Missing Seals on windows, remove any Rotten Wood, repair Cracked Plaster and fix Broken Shelving. Our tradesmen will then paint over all dull-looking fittings with a fresh coat of paint to give everything a perfectly modern finish. They can also spray paint the exterior of the building to create an even, matt or high gloss finish.

We Help Commercial Property Owners Working in the Following Industries:

  • Food - Pubs, Fine Dining and Bistros.
  • Hospitality - Hotels, B&Bs and Guest Houses.
  • Business - Offices, Foyers and Meeting Rooms.
  • Healthcare - Dentist, Doctors and Optometrist Clinics.
  • Education - Colleges and Libraries.
  • Retail - Boutiques Stores and Delis.

Public Houses

EDGE Decorating Services LTD has completed many decoration and renovation projects for Pubs across Suffolk. Our tradesmen can restore the exterior and interior the building to match your exact specifications, whether you would like it to look more Traditional or more Modern. To tidy up the interior we can Repaint the walls and restore your Bar area by replacing any old and worn-out wooden fittings. Our commercial spray painting specialists can also you to create a new Striking Exterior for your business so that you are able to attract people off the street.


We can help you convert your home into a guesthouse or bed and breakfast by installing new interior fittings and redoing the exterior finishes. Our team can Repaint Rooms, Installing Wallcoverings as well as Fix Up Cupboards and Shelving. We can also offer a complete Exterior Painting Service and will even help you replace Guttering, Downpipes, Soffits and Fascias. EDGE Decorating Services LTD is dedicated to providing you with high-quality craftsmanship to ensure that your newly renovated property looks inviting to potential guests.

Areas of Expertise

Our company is experienced at Renovating Existing Office Spaces and Helping to Create New Ones. We work with private business owners and property developers throughout Suffolk to create neat, professional working space. Whether you are looking for a reliable contractor to complete a few Decoration Repairs or require specialised tradesmen to carry out a Total Office Renovation, EDGE Decorating Services LTD can help. We can complete any painting or carpentry work including Repainting the Exterior Walls and Installing Built-in Shelving.

About Us

We are highly skilled painters, carpenters and window care specialists operating throughout Suffolk and Essex.With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide high-quality decorating services. Our specialities include renovating sash windows and restoring heritage properties.

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