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EDGE Decorating Services LTD

Domestic Property Decoration and Restoration in Suffolk

EDGE Decorating Services LTD completes painting and decorating work for a wide range of private residences throughout Suffolk, from Smaller Domestic Properties to Large Up-Market Residences, and everything in between. Although we specialise in working with mansions, estates and heritage buildings, we regularly help out homeowners with one or two bedroom flats or homes that need minor decoration repairs.

Our Clients

Homeowners contact us when they are looking to make their homes more comfortable. They also contact us when they are selling or renting out their properties and need the place to look good as new. Estate Agents and Landlords also contact us to carry out work at properties that they either manage or own.

We Complete Work on All Kinds of Residences, Including:

  • Flats
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Homes
  • Townhouses
  • Estates

Heritage Homes

Anyone will tell you that period buildings require more maintenance than modern ones. Whether you have recently purchased a historic home and need to make it more Liveable or if you are looking to Renovate your existing heritage property, we are able to provide the specific painting and decorating expertise you need. Our specialist artisans and craftsman can help you Maintain the Original Character of the Home, by repairing the sash windows, while putting measures in place which will ensure that the Windows Function Properly, that they are Safe to use and that they protect the house from Noise and Cold. We can also help you replaster and repaint the inner and outer walls, making sure that the building is Insulated and that the paintwork looks Neat. Our carpenters can also replace and repair any old Woodwork.


EDGE Decorating Services LTD employs personnel skilled in a variety of specialised trades so that we are able to carry out Extensive Renovations at large estates and mansions. We have helped many owners of multi-bedroom homes in the Suffolk area to restore and decorate their residences. Our team can complete the entire renovation project from start to finish by Redoing Paintwork, Replacing Wallcoverings, Repairing Sash Windows and Installing New Cupboards and Shelving. Our ability to perform High Access Work allows us to complete all exterior decoration ourselves, whether it involves Spray Painting the external walls of the building, Repainting the Exterior of 6th Storey Window Frames or Replacing Roofline Elements such as soffits and fascias.

Apartments and Houses

We are not limited to working on larger properties and regularly Restore Paint and Woodwork at flats, townhouses and smaller homes throughout Suffolk. Often this is part of Regular Maintenance or Insurance Work and our main aim is to ensure that the current damage does not worsen as a result of neglect. We restore all interior and exterior decorations, Replacing Wallpaper, Repainting the Internal and External Walls and Repairing Windows. Our team can also insulate windows and doors by Installing Double Glazing and Replacing Broken Seals. This helps homeowners save money on heating bills and ensures that the house stays relatively quiet even if it is noisy outside. Our carpenters can also install new kitchen fittings, cupboards, shelves and wooden flooring at the residential property.

Respect for Your Home

Our tradesmen and contractors are always aware that when they are working at someone’s home. We ensure that all our work is carried out with Minimal Disruption to residents and neighbours. Our staff are entirely Trustworthy and aim to work Discreetly, with as Little Noise and Hassle for anyone around them. Before they begin their work, our painters and carpenters will ensure that your furniture, decorations and floor coverings are thoroughly Protected. We will always ensure that our work area is kept Neat at all times, and will Clean Up After Ourselves, when we are done.

About Us

We are highly skilled painters, carpenters and window care specialists operating throughout Suffolk and Essex.With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide high-quality decorating services. Our specialities include renovating sash windows and restoring heritage properties.

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