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Painting, Carpentry, Window Care, Wallpaper Installation and Decoration Repairs

At EDGE Decorating Services LTD, we are experts in property aesthetics. We offer Comprehensive Decorating Services, including professional Painting, Carpentry and Window Care, for both small, large and medium-sized properties throughout Suffolk. We are highly experienced at repairing the aged interior and exterior decorations of historic buildings as well as completing regular maintenance work for more modern properties.

Suffolk Professional Painting Services

EDGE Decorating Services LTD helps clients in towns and cities across Suffolk restore the Interior and Exterior paintwork of their homes and businesses.We ensure that a perfect finish is achieved every time through effective priming and lenient drying time.

Our company only hires Trained and Certified Painters who are able to complete work using both traditional paint application and specialist painting techniques. If you are looking to repair a certain patch of wall, we can help you to find the exact colour to Match the Existing Paint. We can also provide colour samples and help with the Selection Process if you are considering changing the style of the interior or exterior of your building.

We use only Trusted Premium Quality Brands of paint, primer and sealant, such as:

Farrow & Ball

Our tradesmen paint everything from Walls and Ceilings to Iron and Woodwork using Water or Oil-based paints. If required, we can source and use paints which are Low in Odour and with Minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to comply with Eco-Friendly standards. We are also able to use paint that can help with Fireproofing, Mould and Damp Proofing as well as Rust Prevention.

Spray Painting

We also offer Spray Painting services for domestic and commercial properties throughout Suffolk. Our spray painting team use only Airless HVLP spray painting equipment to complete all our projects. They also ensure that floors, furniture and fittings are thoroughly protected before work begins. We spray paint everything from Interior finishes, such as cupboards and shelves and Ceiling and walls, as well as Exterior finishes, including walls, doors and window frames. Our company is licensed to carry out High, Access Work which means that we are able to offer a full exterior spray painting service even for large Commercial Properties such as housing developments, office complexes, retail outlets and shopping malls.

Suffolk Carpenters

​​​​​​​ EDGE Decorating Services LTD also employs trained and experienced carpenters to complete custom carpentry works for clients throughout Suffolk. They are able to both repair, replace and install off-the-shelf and bespoke wooden Window Frames, Doors, Cupboards and Shelving. Our carpentry team regularly repairs and installs Kitchen Fittings at private residences, Wooden Shop Fronts at retail stores, and Wooden Bars and Stairs at public houses. We are also able to fit Wooden Flooring and carry out the necessary maintenance work for this type of flooring.

Window Care Specialists in Suffolk

We are window care experts, capable of restoring and replacing Wood, Aluminum and UPVC windows. Whether you need just One Window repaired, or a Full Renovation of all the Windows at your property, our company is willing to help. Our team of specialist tradesmen can complete an entire overhaul of every window which needs attention, replacing broken or rotten elements of the Box Frame, removing and replacing Silicone and reinstalling Locks and Handles.

If we notice that a window is too damaged, and we will not be able to repair it, we might suggest Replacing it. We will then find materials and products best suited to your property and can ensure that the new window will look very much like the original. Our team is also able to repair and replace Conventional, Bi-folding and French Doors as well as Shutters.

Heritage Windows

Older windows are difficult to operate since the water damage causes wood to swell and crack. These windows often stick when opening or closing. It is also likely that the interior of your home or business might be very cold and noisy, due to the lack of modern insulation methods and soundproofing. We are experts at restoring historic windows, making them look good as new, and using modern techniques to help with heat retention and keeping out noise.

Noise Proofing

Windows at heritage properties are often single-paned, meaning that there is less of a barrier between residents and the noise outside. There is also the likelihood that a gap might have formed between the window pane and the box frame since the wood often shrinks away from the glass as it ages. This allows even more noise to get in. We can help to reduce the noise by replacing the old wooden box frame and the single-paned glass.

Poorly insulated windows can cost you a fortune in electricity bills because all the warmth created by your central heating system simply escapes. If you have an older property, it is likely that the insulation around your windows is insufficient. Contemporary insulation methods are much more effective. Our window care specialists can replace all seals with the latest products and techniques, helping you keep your building warmer and more comfortable.

Sash Windows

Restoring sash windows is our speciality and we are especially skilled at renovating ones installed during the Victorian or Georgian eras. Our sash window care experts are able to carry out a full maintenance of any and all sash windows, repairing and replacing all elements of the window including the box frame, seals, chords and counterweights. We can ensure that everything from the insulation to the sashes is in perfect functioning order.

Muraspec Wallcoverings

EDGE Decorating Services LTD are specialists at installing a variety of wallcoverings. We are able to give expert advice on selecting the best wallcovering to match your property, interior décor and budget. Our tradesmen will Measure walls accurately and Source the specific wallcoverings to suit your requirements. They will then Remove any old wallpaper, expertly apply Adhesive and Hang the new wallcovering, creating a smooth surface with no bumps or creases.

We work mainly with Muraspec wallcoverings and can find a wide range of prints, including Damask, Baroque and Geometric styles. Our wallcovering team can hang even the most delicate papers and install specialty materials such as Linens, Silks and Wide Vinyl. We can also help you develop and install a wallcovering of your own custom design.

Decoration Repairs

We are able to carry out repairs to all exterior as well as interior decorations of a property. From repairing minor Plastering faults and Painting flaws to replacing Tiles and Shelving, we do all kinds of minor decoration repairs. In the case of exterior repairs, we often replace Guttering, Soffits and Fascias, while repainting the walls of a building.

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We are highly skilled painters, carpenters and window care specialists operating throughout Suffolk and Essex.With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide high-quality decorating services. Our specialities include renovating sash windows and restoring heritage properties.

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